OKUGAKE 2011 Pilgrimage inside Mts Omine in Japan from 12th to 30th of July

From 12th to 30th of next July 2011, 3 french (Christophe G, Bruno R et Pascale), 3 americans (Claire & Alex T, Venantius P) & 1 brazilian (Eugenia S) went with Reverend Kuban in Japan to do OKUGAKE pilgrimage, Mine-iri inside mounts Omine.

It was the first time than Shomudo hermitage done "officialy" this pilgrimage in Japan.... After, it was permited to some of them to "Take Refuge inside the 3 Jewels of Buddhism" (Sambô shikki) & to receive a buddhist name (tokudo shikki) as official member of the Shugen congregation inside imperial Shogoin temple at Kyoto.

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