Biography martial

Biography Martial

Yakkimaru Genrô

Sylvain-Kûban Guintard has practised martial arts since 1975, and 12 of those while living in Japan as a permanent resident (1989 to 2001). He began when he was young, studying the kung-fu of Long-chuan, Tang-lang, Pagua, with asian masters Hoang-Nam, Willy Pham Loï, & Yuen Man Chen. At 20 years old, he became the student of Michel Coquet, a teacher of the Japanese sword from the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu and studied with him for 2 years.

Sylvain's mentor Michel Coquet during his retreat inside Arunachala grotto in India

He began to go to Japan to study Taijutsu under the guidance of Masaaki Hatsumi. Sylvain was the Bujinkan taijutsu/ninjutsu pionner in France. He helped a lot the diffusion & creation of Bujinkan organisation in Italy, Deutchland, Portugal & many others european countries...

In 1989, with the rank of Hachi Dan (8th Degree Black Belt),  realising that his knowledge about japanese culture was not enough, he took his independence from Hatsumi’s organisation and left the Bujinkan International Dojo.

He went to live in Japan and stayed for 12 years for studing honestly true japanese tradition way of life.


Chubu Tv morning News 1992

In Japan, he studied the art of the short chain under Master Yumio Nawa : Masaki ryuu Manriki-Gusari Jutsu.

With other Japanese budo masters, Sylvain (who became a yamabushi monk at Kyoto Shogoin temple) studied the Kempô of the Namban Satto school until attaining the grade of Go Dan (5th Degree Black Belt Godan Gokui menkyo kaiden). He also studied the sword of the Yagyu Shinkagé under the guidance of Soke Yagyu Toshimichi and many other old and modern Japanese budo schools. Sylvain/Kûban Guintard, with his extensive contacts in Japan, works writing many reports for the French budo magazine "Karate-bushido revue".


As of today Sylvain (Kuban) holds the following ranks :

  • Hachi Dan (8th Black Belt) : "Ninpo" Budo-Taijutsu
  • Go Dan Namban Satto Ryu Kempô, Masaki Ryuu Manriki-gusari, Edo Machikata Jitte-jutsu, Shingetsu ryuu shuriken-jutsu
  • 4th dan karate in 1990 by french ministry of sport, French Federation of Karate and Disciplines Affiliated (FFKDA) (Jite-jutsu (Edomachigata WAKI-gamae)

Kuban wants to promote budo as a part of a complete enlightenment system : “Bunppu-ittai”, Budo and Arts are one body!

During his 12 years of training in Japan, Sylvain Guintard received from his budo-masters, the budo-name of “Hyakkimaru Genrô. The transcription of these 2 words are "Genrô" (Magic Wolf) and "Hyakki-maru" (the one who was made by a hundred demons). Sylvain respects very much the ultimate fighting of Pancrase, Shooto and mixed martial arts free-fighter styles.

In 2001, Kuban had a very serious brain injury & now step by step, he  has rebuilted  himself while writing books on Japanese martial arts…




Karasu-tengu              Fourth arms "Kongo-Rikishi

2008, PARIS-Bercy Hall, biggest Martial arts festival in Europ, old tradional japanese martial arts cultures in relationship with feudal ninjutsu practicing, historical event showing the relationship between past warrior-priesthood & warriors.

(Kûban DO NOT confuse buddhism & martial arts! but he is priest who is praticing japanese martial arts yet...)



Sword performance durig Izuna sacred Kagura at Antibes city during martial arts event to Master Hoang Nam 20th Anniversary

26th of may 2012



"If you realy want to fight, you must prepare yourself to face "100 Deamons" & going for a journey to Hells"

(monk Suzuki Shôsan)

With Regoli sensei at Rasen dojo in Milano city

Traditional  Japanese Martial arts traditions of Shuriken-jutsu