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Many antropologists recognise Shugendo's roots (sangaku shinko, worship of sacred mountains) as the most ancient popular spiritual and religious belief and practice system of Japan dating back to over 1300 years ago.
Though being rooted in Vajrayana buddhism, members of the priesthood and laymen alike follow one same path of Realisation.
In Shugendo nature as a whole is sacred.
To walk on the Path in the mountains as walking within natural mandalas is the way of shugen.The practices and meditation exercises aim at harmony or furthermore fusion of the elements such as earth, water, fire, air or ether... At a time when man is losing his social, economical, political and even religious whereabouts it is urgent to turn once again towards a true ecology, towards a natural and nature based spirituality; to relive the experience of the elders by placing oneself in the core or centre of the Universe to find and achieve in doing so,a good balance in life and happiness...
Though unnerving to many, Shugendo is universal... 
For sure its understanding demands efforts of comprehension of a culture radically different to that of the analytical, cartesian and individualist West.
This website will never replace direct teaching and transmission,but will however give you an overview, as it is the fruit/result of 30 years of intense practice of this mountain buddhism.
Shugen is the knowledge in sight of an inner-transformation, making it possible to "go back to times when rocks, trees and plants spoke of things"...
May its discovery be the opportunity for an enriching inner-journey as it is above all a sharing.

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HONZAN shugen textes

Honzan Shugen Sutra meaning


Shômudo hermitage is following Shôgoin temple HONZAN SHUGEN TEXT even if Reverend Kûban studied in many Traditional Shugendo & Mikkyo places in Japan since 30 years...

Those text are:

le Saint JITSUKAGA Hayashi


Le saint Jitsukaga Hayashi





La kagura (神楽, littéralement « agrément des dieux») est un rituel artistique animiste ou shugen, consistant globalement en une danse théâtrale.